During this difficult time, it is proving extremely tricky as an event organiser to really be positive and give any definite information. The situation is very fluid, changing almost daily, with advice from several sources often conflicting and only confusing matters. The last thing I wanted to do was give out false or out of date information, only to confuse matters still further.

I take the health and well-being of our competitors and volunteer workers very seriously. Behind the scenes we have a large team that helps to make these events run smoothly on the day to give the athletes the best experience possible.

As a result I took the decision sometime ago, to postpone the June event to July, and move all pre-entered athletes to the July event or provide them with a free entry to either the Aug or Sept events this year, or any race from the series next year in 2021. All pre-entered athletes where contacted and their preferred option actioned.

Obviously we now find ourselves looking at the planned July event with fresh information, from both the Government and also the sports governing body.

Current British Triathlon guidance for events is to postpone all until the 31st of July at least, when further guidance will be given. Although our event it NOT a British Triathlon event, we do take their advice and expertise very seriously, and as such agree with this statement. So we will be in contact with all pre-entered athletes to offer them either a transfer to the Aug/Sept events, or entry to any of our 2021 Oxfordshire Tri Series events.

Our aim is to deliver at least one, and hopefully two events this year...but we also have to appreciate that the health of athletes and volunteers comes first. We are all super keen to get going again, but at the same time have to realise that caution and patience is required at this time to ensure we can deliver an event that does not pose a threat to any individuals health.

I thank you very much for your patience and understanding at this time. As an independent race organiser...this is proving a very stressful and challenging time! 

Stay safe all - Mark (Race organiser)