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I have raced it a couple of times and the organization has been perfect. Roads are quiet,
and the road surface good. A cold beer at the finish was a welcome touch
and free photos of the event another nice bonus too!


Is this event going to go ahead due to the current COVID situation?

Based on how things moved during the first lockdown period and thereafter, I am very confident that these events will take place during the summer/autumn of 2024. 


In 2020/2021 and 2022, triathlons took place after the first lockdown period ended, with guidance from both the Government and the BTF. Lots of information was made available to help event organisors put on a Covid safe event. Many events took place and were very successful. We all learnt a lot from those difficult times and now have a significant amount of experience available to us when it comes to handing race entries, allocating chips, racking and transition areas, handing mass starts etc.

In 2023 all events took place as normal.

What if I have entered and the 2024 event is cancelled due to COVID?

Unfortunately as an event organisor, there are no insurance companies out there that will cover races such as ours for cancellation due to Covid restrictions placed through national measures. As a result we would NOT be able to offer a refund if this is the case. As with 2020, if we are forced to cancel or postpone an event, then we will offer all entrants a 'credit' or 'deferral' for a future event, as and when it can be held...your entry will be carried over. Your entry can also be transferred to another person should you so wish at no charge, no problem.

This event ethos has always been to be fun and as stress free as possible for all involved. This ethos is also being applied to the possibility of event cancelations and the deferral of entries to other races at a later date. This process will be 'no quibble' and we will work with you to ensue that you can race at a later date.

I've never taken part in a triathlon before, is this event suitable for me?

YES! The team or organisers have been very selective in the course distances and design to ensure it is suitable for all. The 'vibe' for the event is to encourage all abilities to have a go. 

I have never competed in an open water swim before, will I be OK?

The swim loop will consist of short laps of 500-750m each. This was a deliberate decision to ensure that all swimmers are always within a reasonable proximity to the safety crew at all times. At the start of the swim you will be able to place yourself wherever you feel comfortable to ensure a stress free swim start, be it starting from the shore line, or in deeper water.

You will be able to swim at the venue prior to all races as it is open to swimmers 4 days a week, so lots of time to practice beforehand if confidence is an issue.

What temperature will the water be?

The lake itself is an old mature gravel pit which means clean, clear water which warms up quickly from late April. Historical data from many years swimming at the lake shows that the temperature will be somewhere between 14-26 degrees for all races. Please note that as this event is now being run under British Triathlon rules, their water temp regulations apply with regards to it being a wetsuit compulsory/wetsuit optional/non-wetsuit swim. This will be communicated to all athletes closer to the date and depends on the water temp.

How will we know our finishing time and position?

We will be teaming up with Eventrex, a local company that specialises in the electronic chip timing of duathlons and triathlons. Depending on the Covid restrictions in place at the time (if any?), we will either offer a big screen results service on the day or you will be emailed results direct immediately after the last competitor finishes.

Will there be feed stations on course?

Due to the nature of the course design, we will ensure there is a feed station with water at swim exit, bike exit and on the run course (depending on Covid restrictions in place at the time). There will be no feed stations on the bike lap as most athletes should be fine for 35km by carrying their own fluids/nutrition. This decision was made to reduce our environmental impact due to waste being left on the bike course.

Will there be first aid cover?

Yes. This is something we take very seriously and as such will be employing the services of an external, professional first aid team to cover the event. First aid response teams will be in place during the swim, bike and run portions of the event.

Can we enter the relay as a team of 2 rather than a team of 3?

Yes! We want people to come and participate so we are quite flexible on this. All we ask is that the relay team, whether that consists of 2 or 3 athletes simply swap over the timing chip in transition. So one person could swim and run, while another bikes...or the first person could swim and bike for example...we don't mind.

Will there be a medal or other rewards for entering?

Yes! We have a custom, unique medal for our races, based on the race logo of the Ox! the spirit of the event we offer all athletes a cold beer at the finish, 'full fat' or non alcoholic!

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