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Teaming up with the Bosworth Clinic, we are able to offer you some amazing deals on athlete injury treatment and rehabilitation with one of the best in the business!


At The Bosworth Clinic they firmly believe the treatment and management process available to top level athletes can be available to all.


Through an integrated approach, they manage and treat your injury or dysfunction, provide appropriate functional rehabilitation to restore you to your pre-injury health and then provide a screening process followed by a preventative exercise program to help reduce the chances of you suffering with the same problem again.

The Bosworth Clinic is a 'state of the art' facility situated in Cassington, Oxfordshire. It takes it name from its Clinical Director, Gordon Bosworth, who with his business partner Paul Snell, have created a Clinic to cater for any and all types of injury. 


The Clinic boasts 6 large treatment rooms, including a disability suite, a large well equipped rehabilitation gym, which also provides male, female and disabled changing areas, pilates and yoga studio, a small astro turf area and two 50 metre running lanes. Parking is available at the front of the building with separate disabled parking and access.

  • 20% discount to participants (Single use discount that can be used across any of our services (e.g. Physio, S&C, Nutrition etc.) One discount per person

  • On the day sports massage, £10.00 for 10 minutes (5 minute flush on each leg)

Pop over and have a word with them on race day, or visit their website at

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Take3 will be the official Bike partner for the Oxfordshire Tri series 2019!
A company offering 3D RETUL Bike fitting, here in the heart of Oxfordshire, they offer expert advice on all things bike related! 
RETUL is the bike fitting technology used by the majority of the professional peleton, including the likes of Team SKY. This bike fitting practice has also been applied to those taking part in triathlon, with an impressive and ever growing list of World Champions and AG winners that have all been through the RETUL bike fitting process.
At Take3, they apply this technology to ALL levels of athlete...from the total novice looking to get their first bike
set-up, to those more experienced looking for those marginal gains!
The process involves a rider physical assessment, checking of cleats and shoes, and a full 3D analysis of the riders position. This accurate measuring allows the correct decisions to then be made with regards to positional suggestions and changes. If you ride and suffer from discomfort (saddle, shoulders, knees, feet etc) or a lack of power/speed...then the position of you on your bike may well be the root cause.
Get yourself assessed and your position dialed in with the best there is.
The 20% discount is exclusive and only available to those that have entered the Oxfordshire Tri make the most of this amazing offer and drop them a line or give them a call. or 01235 521707
Tri Training Harder (TTH) will be the official training partner for the Oxfordshire Triathlon Series 2019!
TTH team of professional coaches have been offering training plans, online coaching, training camps and much more to triathletes from not only the UK, but worldwide. Such has
their reputation built over the past few years that they have been the official IRONMAN Coaching partner for all UK IRONMAN events from 2015-2017!
As a result of our partnership for this series, TTH will be providing all athletes that enter a free, basic sprint triathlon training plan. They are also offering a further 15% off all enhanced plans (discount code will be sent to all competitors), which have been generated after a review of thousands of training plans. They have taken the most popular sessions, format and schedule from years of online coaching with hundreds of athletes and put them together with new structured workouts where appropriate, to create an amazing Sprint Distance triathlon training plan. For those wanting to do a bit more training, they are also offering the same deal for their Standard distance plan too!
TTH will be on hand leading up to the event, and more than happy to answer your training related questions and queries. For more information about Tri Training Harder  or about their Sprint and Standard distance Training plans, please click on the links above.
tri swim logo.png
Tri Swim Coaching will be the official swim coaching partner for the Oxfordshire Triathlon Series 2019!
Annie and Ali of Tri Swim Coaching have been offering a winning combination of pool and open water swim coaching in the Oxfordhire region for a number of years. Whether it is 1:1 pool sessions you need, video analysis or open water confidence building...these guys offer it all!
TSC organise and run 'Pre-Blenheim' swim workshops and open water familarisation sessions at the race venue throughout the summer. Their services help swimmers of all abilities, whether seasoned athletes looking for those marginal gains, or newcomers seeking basic help with front-crawl and triathlon race advice.
All competitors will qualify for a 15% discount on all of the following services, so the ideal way to prepare and build for the race series.

-   6 week Freestyle Technique Improvement Course (pool) 

-   3 week Triathlon Swimming/ Open Water Confidence Course 

-   Introduction to the Open Water 2 hour Session 

-   Video Analysis & Stroke Correction Session 

-   1:1 Open Water Coaching Session 

-   1:1 Swimming Coaching Session 

More information of their services please visit their informative website:

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